Faculty of Communication

Yaşar University Faculty of Communication offers higher education programs that cover all areas of communication, which has increasingly become a prominent issue of our era. Four-year undergraduate programs are carried out under four departments; Public Relations and Advertising; Visual Communication Design; Radio, Television and Cinema; New Media and Communication. Faculty undergraduate programs are accredited by ILEDAK (National Communication Education Accreditation Council of Turkey). Our Faculty is also a member of European Public Relations Education and Research Association EUPRERA and Centre International de Liaison des Ecoles de Cinéma et de Télévision CILECT. Medium of instruction in these undergraduate programs is English. All departments of the Faculty accept students with “Sözel” results of the central Undergraduate Placement Examination in Turkey. Foreign students are also welcome to apply for these programs. Foreign students may be accepted in full or part time status. Faculty of Communication currently also offers a Master of Arts (MA) in Communication. Ph.D. program in Communication will start to accept students in 2020.

The qualified and experienced academic staff of Yaşar University Faculty of Communication carries out the curriculum designed carefully considering students’ academic improvement. The curriculum is based on the principle that communications is an interdisciplinary field. Department programs pursue a delicate balance between theory and practice. Undertaking the courses involved in programs students acquire both basic knowledge on all fields of communications and skills of expertise in their own departments.

Education in the Faculty is conducted in English; students who do not have an adequate level of English attend a one-year English Preparation School. Faculty also offers minor and double major programs. Thus the successful students will have the chance to pursue education in a different department. Internship opportunities are also available to students starting from the second class. In this way students add to their knowledge the practical experience gained in various communications industries.

Yaşar University Faculty of Communication has Erasmus agreements with universities in many EU countries helping the students gain contemporary and global experiences abroad. Besides, a great number of scholars are invited to give conferences and lectures to our students. The technological infrastructure of our faculty is well established In addition to the IT infrastructure and computer labs open to all students, the faculty offers significant opportunities for students’ applied courses in HD Television, Radio and Sound Recording Studios, Photography Studio and xLab Interaction Design Lab in the Media Center. The Faculty also offers a Multimedia Studio used for a number of applied courses like 3D modeling and non-linear digital editing as well as a 10 TB audio-video archive system and a 2,1 GHz 24×10 core render farm. Each department also has different studios and workshops for their own students.

Yaşar University Faculty of Communication students are expected to be fair and ethical, socially responsible and sensitive, open to critical thinking, tolerant and modern individuals. The academic staff is devoted to train students as competent and qualified professionals. The relations between the scholars and students are based on creative dialogue and mutual understanding.