Kolokyum Özet Çağrısı

“Alternatives in Communication Theory & Education”

Colloquium Event (12-13 May 2022) 

Yaşar University, İzmir, Turkey

Yaşar University, Faculty of Communication & ECREA Journalism and Communication Education TWG are delighted to host the “Alternatives in Communication Theory & Education” colloquium in İzmir, Turkey on 12 – 13 May 2022. The colloquium will host outstanding keynote speakers, namely, Prof. Mark Deuze, Prof. Stina Bengtsson and Prof. Mahmut Mutman, framing and discussing the future of communication education from theoretical and practical perspectives. The organizers call for proposals that contribute to alternatives in communication theory and education from the multiplicity of perspectives represented by ECREA Sections, Networks and Temporary Working Groups. Communication scholars are welcome to apply to participate in the colloquium roundtable discussions on 12 May 2022 in İzmir, Turkey.

Format: Morning session. Three keynote speakers will draw a roadmap for the future of communication theory and education. The goal of these presentations is to examine the media field (e.g., journalism, advertising, television, cinema and visual communication design etc.) critically and communication theories to reassess the quality of teaching in higher education. Our aim by revisiting the theory and teaching practices is to motivate scholars to rethink the transformation of societies and to adjust their teaching practices.

Afternoon session. In line with the framework drawn by the keynote speakers in the morning session, a joint roundtable session will be held with the participation of approx. 10 scholars including a session chair, three or four presenters (approx. 4-5 mins. each) and discussants. The roundtable will follow a standard 90-minute conference format, with at least 30 minutes set aside for audience questions and discussion. The presenter(s) & participants of the session can be young scholars or experts from different fields who can provide a distinct alternative viewpoint. All communication scholars and ECREA members are welcome to apply for being a presenter/participant/discussant at the roundtable.

Call & submission guidelines: With the advent of the digital media era and rapid transformation in communication practices (technological, practical and cultural), many scholars have begun to question whether digitalization bridges practice and theory in communication education. Hence, the colloquium provides a forum for scholars, students, and special guests to share their work and address current issues in news and digital media, public policy, government and society to rethink and reassess the teaching in higher education within the field of communication.

The colloquium roundtable event invites proposals of max. 300 words for a 5 mins presentation that study the future of communication theory & education. The presentations will include but not limited to the following broad topics:

  • Journalism and digital media
  • Public policy, government and society
  • Environmental communication
  • Political communication
  • Transformation of the media industry
  • Television and cinema
  • Public relations and advertising
  • Visual communication
  • Social media

Deadline for abstract submission: Applicants should submit their abstracts no later than 17:00 CET on Thursday, 31 March 2022. Submissions should be sent via email to ti[email protected] and/or [email protected].

Colloquium website: https://fcom.yasar.edu.tr/kolokyum/